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How to improve performance at work

How to improve performance at work


Every workplace has a mix of highly performing staff and lower performing staff.  If only you could find a way to improve staff performance at work so that everyone in your team was a high performer.  


Well now you can!  


Studies have shown that there are several key ways to improve performance at work and save money!  It’s not about working harder, it’s working smarter.  A study by CIPD revealed that 59% of respondents feel that job satisfaction is the highest motivating factor at work.  What would your team say if you told them that you can make their jobs easier and reduce their working hours while improving productivity?


So what’s the secret?  It’s easier than you might think.  All it takes is a bit of planning and structuring.  Here are a few pointers to get you started...


  • Recruiting the right staff is the first step to ensuring you have the right person in the right place.  Make sure you have strong job descriptions, use skills testing during interviews, conduct a full induction to the business, set KPIs and support the new start to achieve them.
  • Set company and departmental goals, use them to set individual KPIs, monitor and support staff to achieve their goals, provide positive feedback.  Remember that everyone wants to do a good job and don’t underestimate the motivational benefits of having a sense of achievement.  
  • Be a strong leader and lead by example, engage with your team and set clear tasks, be reasonable with them and listen to their concerns, be supportive to your team and they will be supportive to you. Daily meetings or huddles are a great way to maintain engagement.
  • Manage all poor performance and conduct issues from the start.  Don’t allow issues to build up, it will only create bigger problems.  Be firm but fair.  Support staff with mentoring or training to help develop their skills.
  • Recognise staff for their individual skills and efforts.  And don’t forget to say ‘Thank you’ from time to time.  Intrinsic rewards cost nothing but can make all the difference.


It’s important that you know what areas of your business that you want to improve.  Use key measurements to assess where you are now, and where you are after you put the above systems in place.  


There are of course many ways to achieve better performance from your team at work.  If you would like to find out more, come along to our ‘How-to HR’ training seminar on 28th April 2017 in Dundee.  Click here for full details.  


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