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Confessions of an HR Consultant

Confessions of an HR Consultant


I’m often interested in what other people perceive my role to be.  Some think it’s all about hiring and firing whiles others seem to form the opinion that it’s more of an old fashioned personnel paperwork role.  Even my friends will sometimes ask “what is it that you actually do anyway?”


Yes, I am involved in hiring and firing, and everything else in between.  Working with a variety of clients from 5 staff to 170 staff, and across a wide range of sectors, every day is different.  It’s difficult to give a short explanation, but when I have to it goes something like this…


“I help other businesses to manage their staff effectively to improve their overall business performance.  It may be through performance management, absence management, disciplinaries, training managers and supervisors on better HR and management practice, improving health & safety, or providing a sound business structure with staff handbook policies and employment contracts.” does that sound to you??


It still doesn’t cover everything I do, I would need to write a novel for that!  What isn’t covered here, is the amount of work that actually goes into running your own business.  I’m sure other small business owners will know exactly what I’m talking about.  The admin, book-keeping, marketing, social media updates and interactions,  business planning and growth development, business reviews, managing my own team and still trying to have a life and look after my family.  It’s not an easy task but I take to it like a swan.  Effortlessly gliding across the water, but frantically paddling underneath.  It helps that I also have a great team to support my business and the services I offer. My son thinks I make money by doing nothing!  If only!  


So when the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce asked me to take part in their

‘In Your Shoes’ blog for a week, I jumped at the opportunity.  A week in the life of an HR Consultant.  With just over 100 words per day (nowhere near enough), you can see what I’m getting up to.  It’s live now!  Click here to read it.  


So my confession for this blog….


I love what I do.  Some projects are more enjoyable than others, but overall, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.  I love problem solving and I love working with other motivated and inspiring businesses.  I love seeing them improve as a result of my input.


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