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Stress related absence

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Today is National Stress Awareness day - 2nd November 2016 


Did you know…

  • That stress is the single largest reason for long-term absences in the UK?
  • Non-manual positions tend to have a higher rate of stress absence than manual positions?
  • Nearly a third of organisations reported an increase in stress related absences over the past year?


Stress at work and stress related absences are a growing concern for many employers across a range of sectors.  But what can we do to change this?  How can we reduce stress levels or at least, better support our employees who are suffering from high stress levels?


Well, lets look at the top 3 causes of stress:

  1. Workloads
  2. Family & personal issues
  3. Management style


  1. Workloads

It’s important not to over load staff with an endless list of tasks to get through in a day.  It’s also important not to give to little work.  You need to find the right balance of workload so employees are busy but able to manage.  Recent studies have shown that working long hours increases the likelihood of high stress levels and therefore lower productivity.  Whereas working 6 hours a day can improve productivity.


      2.  Family & personal issues

We all have personal issues outside of work which can be difficult to ‘leave at the door’.  Can you be flexible with working hours or allow holidays at short notice for staff going through personal difficulties?  Some companies offer private counselling services that staff can access at any time and for any reason.


      3.   Management style

It’s important to train your managers on both people skills and HR procedures.  Well trained managers will be able to support and motivate staff increasing productivity and job satisfaction.


If you can address the causes of stress, then you can reduce it consistently. 


The top 3 ways to manage long-term absences are occupational health involvement, return to work interviews and trigger points system to review absences.  Well trained managers will be able to identify when to use each of these tools and how to use them effectively.  Please click here to see our training calendar to find a suitable course for your managers to attend


SCRSolutions Ltd is offering a free stress risk assessment template and well-being policy for a limited time only. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone us on 01382 250333.  



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